Them’s the rules

I understand that writing rules for your solo, self-directed project may be a little crazy, but this is coming from the girl who hides her smartphone FROM HERSELF to avoid procrastination. Go figure.

With that in mind, let’s lay down the law..

1. 52 is the goal here folks. 5-2. By midnight on January 1 2015 there must be 52 fabulous posts.

2. The whole point of a weekly blog is to post weekly. If, for some exceptional reason (e.g. illness, holiday etc), a post is missed (gasp!) then that post is to be added to the following week’s quota.

3. Posts may revolve around incredible and masterful creations from the following genres: craft, sewing, quilting, cooking, mending, gardening, photography. This list may be altered without notice at any given time.


2 thoughts on “Them’s the rules

    • Thank you! What a lovely comment. I admit that it is an ambitious project, work keeps getting in the way of craftiness which is so annoying! ! But I intend to keep it moving amd get as close as I possibly can. Im having such fun with it 🙂 love your blog too!! xx


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