#25 Green Smoothie

Thing #25: Green Smoothie

The past few months I’ve explored the magic of the green smoothie! Despite initial skepticism I have loved adding these to my morning routine. They pump me full of happy vitamins and are delicous. With a million ingredients and recipes to choose from, it was a matter of trial and error until I came across a favourite mix. I do like to mix it up a little bit but have now taken to buying my fruit and veg in bulk and freezing them in snap lock bag portions every few weeks to make smoothie making easy peasey. 


Here’s my fave mix:

Green apple
Coconut water


Super yum!!



2 thoughts on “#25 Green Smoothie

    • Im using a Vitamix at the moment so it does blend the apple chunks whole. The smoothie as a whole can get quite thick and pulpy without the coconut water to smooth it out. Does that make sense? 😊


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