#7 Casually Cute Canvas Tote

Thing #7:Casually Cute Canvas Tote

You know the feeling when you need a bag that has to fit everything you need but it never seems to exist when you need it?! Well, I do. And in my quest to be proactive I decided that if they don’t make a bag that fits my textbooks, notebooks, stationery, makeup, purse and mobile phone all-in-one then I was just going to have to make one myself. So I did!

Potatoes in action!

Potatoes in action!

Canvas is cheap, as were the fabric paints (which I intend to reuse anyway!) I made a basic tote with my trusty sewing machine and then began to decorate.

My lovely paints!

My lovely paints!

With thriftiness in mind, I bypassed the purchase of new stamps and went with the MYO option – potato stamps! After peeling and halving one potato I used cookie cutters to create the flower and tulip shapes.

Following the fabric paint instructions I stamped away. Don’t you just love the paints?! The colours rock.

Ta da!

Ta da!

Voila! My fabulous, handcrafted potato stamped tote bag!

All the other kids will be super jealous. 😉



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