#3 Tinted Glass

Thing #3: Tinted Glass

I have always loved the look and feel of coloured glassware but thought it would be lightyears beyond my technical abilities to pull off. I was so delighted to find a simple, easy technique of tinting that is cheap (Woo!) yet pretty!

I have quickly become besties with ModPodge, which is basically a clear-drying glue that is magical, according to online craft peoples. Just by mixing food colouring with a few tablespoons of ModPodge and swishing around a jar you can tint glass, which is super fabulous! You simply make sure all the inside is covered,

Tinting in process..

Tinting in process..

My beauties!

My beauties!

Turn the glass upside down on sheet of spare paper for ten minutes. The next step is to put the jars in the oven (about 140*C), right way up for 15 mins. Then turn them over again  and leave in oven for another 25 mins.

Perfect for tealight candles!

Perfect for tealight candles!

Voila! I feel so fancy!



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